By Eliyahu Stein
Music sets the atmosphere for an event. When the music is pleasing to the ear, both in quality and decibel, it makes the night more memorable. Even if you have already chosen the musician or the band for your upcoming simcha it’s better to plan the musical program with the musician. Thorough music preparation can make the difference between an ordinary event and a wonderful event.
Here are five steps to help plan the music at your event:


  1. For a successful event, you will want to plan in detail. Where will the musicians play? Will they need to move from outside of the hall to inside the hall? If you are planning a wedding, how many of the musicians do you want playing at the chuppah? If you are planning an outdoor event, do you have a plan B in case it rains?
  2. An event is multifaceted and the music should complement each part. What type of music do you want at the reception? What about music during the meal? Think about when you would like to have the dancing, and for how long it should go on. Make sure that the dancing doesn’t coincide with the main course being served.
  3. Music can be very enjoyable, but only when it doesn’t interfere with something else. Are there times during your event when you don’t want any music? If so, let the musicians know before the event starts.
  4. Good musicians have a large song repertoire, but that doesn’t mean that they know how to play all songs. Make sure that you send them a song list prior to the event so that there won’t be any disappointments. Moreover, some songs have more than one tune so clarify which tune you want either over the phone or in person.
  5. During the event itself, be in touch with the band/ musician if there are any changes in the schedule. Whether you’re planning an engagement party, wedding, sheva brachot, bat or bar mitzvah, proper and well- thought out plans for the music to be played will make it a memorable and enjoyable event.