Binyomin Freilich

When looking for a musician for our sons Barmitzva, we went straight for the BEST. Eliyah Stein is such a wonderful person to deal with. He can play gentle background music, or leibedik music for dancing or whatever style you like.

I have seen him perform at weddings, barmitzvas and other events. Each time he was great. With a lovely voice and a real mentch, you don’t need to look further.


Dovid Friedlander

I have known Eliyahu Stein for a number of years and have utilized his services on a number of occasions. Not only Eliyahu is a talented performer and a quality musician but he’s also a Ben Torah and it has always been a pleasure to work with him. I would certainly recommend Eliyahu Stein for your next event.


Bella Grynhaus

I would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart for enhancing our simcha so greatly.  The music was on the right volume that we could actually appreciate it.
Quite a few people commented on the fact that they enjoyed the music so much and i received even more compliments for the volume.
You were so accommodating  and easy going to work with.


Family Schechter

Recently we made a bar mitzvah for our son and we had Eliyahu Stein play at our kabalas panim.  People commented about how leibadig the party was and we attribute much of that to his fantastic playing.  The sound level was perfect – loud enough to be exciting but not too loud that people had to scream above the music.  He also was very open to hearing what type of music we wanted and did not want.  We also found that he had a very good sense of what music to play at different points of the simcha.  Overall we were very pleased with his work and would gladly use him again!


Akiva Leibowitz

Eliyahu was amazing! It is no exaggeration to say that his music transformed our simcha to a memory of a lifetime!


Mrs. Kornfeld

I would like to recommend Eliyohu Stein who came to our sheva brochos and made it a most memorable occasion for our whole family, he brought ruach and made everybody feel good and enjoy it.

It was really special. I would recommend him to anybody else for any kind of simcha.


Yehuda David

Eliyahu is a very good keyboard player. He  plays nice leads and adds life to the simcha. People want to dance when he spins his magic.


Joel Padowitz

Eliyahu has played for our shul at a few occasions, mesibas Purim/ Simchas bais hashoaiva and more. He plays great music, very leibdik, and is a pleasure to work with.



It was thanks to Eliyahu that the atmosphere at our simcha was so special.

It was amazing to see how he adjusted the sound to the simcha.


Tzvi Maslin

I had a specific plan of the kind of atmosphere the music should bring to our bar mitzvah, and Eliyahu fulfilled it exactly the way I asked him to –  Nice, haimesh and geshmak.


Chayim Kupinsky

We recently used Eliyahu for our Bar Mitzvah celebration. He was a pleasure to work with, knew exactly the right music to play, had a great setup with wireless microphones for the speakers, and most importantly (in my view) was NOT TOO LOUD! The music was just the right volume for everyone to dance to, but also be able to hear each other. I would definitely use him again for our future simchas B”EH.